Money is the Motive

Now why do people always say money is the root of all evil? I do not see it this way, because money is a necessity. How can you eat and live without money? Evil comes in when people act in unnecessary ways to achieve their money. You do not have to steal, lie, cheat, and or "hustle" your way into money. If you are willing to WORK hard you can achieve wealth. Now that word is so strong. WEALTH! What is wealth to you? Do you think you have to be a multi-millionaire to be wealthy? I do not! I think you have to have a wealth in character, values, morality, and that will cause you to achieve true wealth. You do not have to lose yourself and give in to what other people say to be correct to achieve things. Selling out or going with the crowd will not always get you to the next level. You might want to slow down and take a look at what you already have. It is okay to be successful and monetarily rich, but to lose yourself and/or your family while chasing this to me is taking a step back. Look at your actions and refect on what you are doing to get where you have to go.

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