Fame and its Price

Many people are out here are working on being famous, but yet they always screaming about a hater. Do you know that once you reach fame or any kind of fortune that is when the haters really do come out? That is when people get all in your business! Why? With money and fame comes envy. The people that have not made it and have no clue/ambition to go through the struggle you went through will be pissed off. People tend to forget or disregard what you had to go through to get where you are at. This does not just happen to famous people. There are people in the ghetto that go to college, get a degree, and subsequently a great career. Then people in the ghetto start to call you a sellout. Why are you a sellout, because you chose to better your situation and your families situation? That to me is honorable! You making yourself a better person should not cause others to hate you, it should motivate them to do better for themselves. Do not worry about how your success will cause the next person to feel, because you worked hard for it and you deserve it.

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