Got to Stay Hungry

When you make it to the top what do you do? Some people just to rest and chill! They also Look down upon people whom are in the same position they were in not too long ago! This is not the correct way to go about things. We should allows remember how it felt to be at the bottom. Why? I say because if you do not remember how it felt then you will not work as hard to stay where you are at. People who have not had a good taste of the good life are out there busting their behind to get somewhere. They do not take time to sit and coast. I am not saying you should not enjoy the fruits of your labor, but what I am saying is be smart about it. We do not get free passes in life. We sometimes have people in our team that are just waiting for a chance to take our spot. We have to stay innovative and work smart, not hard. It is not about staying up all night and forgetting our family. It is about securing what we have achieved. Think about how you are investing your time and money? Would you be making the same purchases and wasting your time with the same activities if you were still at a lower level? We have necessities and we have wants, but what we should not do is spend to much time and money on our wants that we spend tomorrows needs. You have worked to hard to throw it away. Stay hungry and humble, this will take you very far!

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