Beneficial Relationships


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I personally feel that every relationship should be beneficial to you. I do not care if it is a business/friendship/love type of relationsip, you should be getting something from it. Do not look at me sideways! The benefits could be very small to something very big. It could be as simple as good advice, conversation, or that person you see as a role model. When you deal with a person it should always be 50/50. Nobody should do all the effort in maintaining a relationship, because then you get overworked and feel unappreciated and that is when problems arise. When you have a business relationsip with someone and feel like you are the main one pulling the weight what do you do, you either start looking for a new partner or you decide to cut ties and do it alone. now think about it! We do this in every relationship, when you have a significant other and feel like they do not care or are not doing enough you begin to stray. When you have friends that you feel have become minor associates you seek out the company of others. You do not have to agree with everything I am saying, but think about it. I personally always try to benefit the people I deal with, even if all I do is provide them someone to talk to. Are you doing everything you can in your day-to-day dealings? If not you may want to start, especially if you want to keep these people in your life. If not cut them loose and find folks that benefit you and that you can also benefit from.

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