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As of next week I will have 2 new features. One will be for undiscovered talent and also a feature by my good friend Julian. Julian will be providing us with different articles on all sorts of topics. Here is a little introduction written by Julian himself.

Hello! I would like to give a brief introduction to all. My name is Julian (The conversationalist) Ortiz. I am an MC, poet, blogger, thinker, a brother, a father, a son, a human being, and conversationalist. I have been contemplating the possibility of starting up my own website for some time now, and will do so sometime in the future. At this time I have been invited to share some of my thoughts on! I am happy to be a guest and I am eager to share my opinions/philosophies on Politics, arts & entertainment, and on life in general. I also would like to thank breezy for inviting me to her world as it is presented on this forum. I hope to bring a unique perspective on things, and contribute my own thoughts along side of what Breezy says on My first entry is titled The State of Appreciation. I hope you enjoy the read, and are inspired.

Look out for The State of Appreciation on Monday...

Also if you want a chance to debut some of your work (music, writting, photos) whatever it may be...if you feel you are an undiscovered talent email me for an opportunity to be featured on my site.

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Unknown said...

Very Interesting!!! I am looking forward to reading what you have to say and the much needed topics we need to hear about. Much Love to you Julian and Breezy....Christina H.