Yesterday I had a blast on facebook with my friends. I posted a few different statuses and let everyone post their wild, crazy, and funny thoughts. By the end of the night everyone was thanking me and saying they had a great time. I think this is what facebook and other social networks should be about. People are so caught up in drama and cursing each other out, that the fun and real reason behind social networks are lost. Think about your page, what are you using it for? Are you passing on hate and negativity? Are you actually making the best of it? If you can not answer yes to any of this questions then you may need to evaluate your friends, interactions, and overall attitude. Life is already hard enough without the added bull of internet thugging, beef, and drama. Think about it! Its just as easy to be positive, fun, and light. You just have to work towards building your social network to fit that mindframe. Why keep people on your page that do not benefit you? Why be "friends" with people you do not like? I do a "flush" at least once a week and eliminate all the bad influences off my page. Hey no need for it, I am too old and have enough real-life worries to concern myself with cyber nonsense.

Here Enjoy some laughs today!!!!

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