It takes hard work

Whoever said getting ahead was easy....LIED!!!! It takes so much to make it in any field. I am very proud of how far some people have come and then to know the background I realize that nothing was handed to them. I do not understand how some people think they can sit at home and cross their arms and reach any kind of goal. It takes a lot more than just talent that is half your battle. A person has to get up everyday and start knocking on some doors, or knock the doors down. Anything worth having is worth fighting for, of course, you will lose some battles, but to win the war we must keep fighting. I started this site and I gave myself a goal and timeframe in which to reach that goal. I have hit my short-term goal in less then a month's time, so what did I do? I set myself up with some new goals. I have to reach higher; I have to make it happen. This is my goal and I will not rest! Do you see that I do not call it a dream? Do you want to know why? Well a dream was before I got up and made it happen and that day it turned into a goal. Are you still dreaming or are you actively working towards your goals? Ask yourself that question and do not let anyone or anything stop you from going beyond dreams.

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