What is your personal State

The president of the United States yesterday delivered the State of the Union address. It got me thinking, "what state am I in?" I sat down and made a list of where I am at and where I plans to be within the next year. I have goals both short-term and long-term and that keeps me motivated. Looking at where I have come from, where I am at, and where I am going puts me in a position of fulfillment. I feel that I definitely could have done things better, but it is what it is. My journey provided me with experiences that otherwise I would have never been. It is good to know that someone has gone through the same thing you might be going through and survived. If my story inspires one person, than the journey was worth it. When you are feeling down take a minute and write down all your accomplishments, but also write down some goals. This will help you acknowledge your strengths and weakness. It also lets you recognize opportunities and threats, see you have to look at your personal life as a business. The SWOT analysis' works for us as individuals, because we are our own entity. If you change your mind frame and realize how valuable you are as a person, it will cause you to calculate your moves better by making the necessary decisions in order to grow as an individual.

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