A native of Albany, GA, Raised in Huntsville, AL Translee began recording at the age of 18 when he decided to seriously pursue a career in music. His management and production team, DIGITAL NATIV3 Culture (DNC) is spearheaded by his college roommate Chris Hunter and Todd Marshall. Arriving in Atlanta in 2009 Translee began working dead end jobs while networking within the Atlanta music scene. "I wanted to learn everything I could about the business. My music is a reflection of my dream to create art. I want to make music that people enjoy."

Well Translee, its so great to speak with you, ever since I heard your music I was hooked and wanted to hear more. That’s a lot for me to say, because music this day and new artists aren’t really getting that reaction much. I want to thank you for granting me this interview, because I know without a doubt that you are the next person to blow up out of collipark music.

So lets get right to it because I know your time is precious.

What made you, Chris, and Todd link up and start making music?
Translee: We were roommates at the University of North Alabama. I was the kid rapping all over school and my boy had a studio and worked with *protunes…

BreezySays: How did the meet with Collipark happen?
Translee: Well we ended up going to ATL and just started networking like crazy. One night we were networking at an Ying Yang concert. We met collipark and he liked what he heard and that was how things come about. It all started 2 years ago and I made it all the way to 106.

BreezySays: Advice for artists trying to make it in the industry?
Translee: networking is everything. One of my friends told me something one day and it stuck with me “if you want to go and eat at the big table, somebody has to bring you to the table, you can not just walk up to it.”That kept me going because there are a lot of assholes in Atlanta, a lot of good people too.

BreezySays: Do you feel it is wise to choose passion over academics?
Translee: I am a Marketing Graduate…education is very important, it is my plan B…but my plan B is get a job and live a normal life. In some ways though I feel you don’t need school, I never want to work for someone. School teaches you how to work for somebody and if you know what you want to do, you can network and make it happen. It all depends on the type of person you are though.

BreezySays: Tell the fans what sets you apart from everyone else out there?
Translee: A lot of people rap about a dream world and I mix my real life with my dreams…some people that come out with a mixtape and they have $100000 worth of jewelry and that’s a dream world. Drake speaks a lot on his reality, but he’s rich now.

BreezySays: Can we compare you to any artist out now?
Translee: No I won’t compare myself to anybody, if people decide to make comparissons that’s fine, but I won’t.

BreezySays: When does the mixtape come out?
Translee: Well Collipark has “Can I have the club back” mixtape and that will come out first and “Know Translee” will come out after, but it will be incredible. I have a few artist features, but I wanna give people my reality.

BreezySays: Who is TRANSLEE?
Translee: I was that talker in school. I am a joker and the videos that are out show how I really am. People will either they love me or hate me. I just want to create some kind of a reaction. I am my #1 fan!

To contact Translee
Twitter: @translee

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