Lending a Hand

What happened to friends looking out for each other? What happened to humans having love for the life of another human being? It seems as the days go by people are opting more towards "doing their own thing" and only "doing me" mind frame. There is nothing bad about having love for yourself and making sure what you set out to be done. I have a problem with people who see someone in need and they are in a position to help, but they refuse to. I am definitely not saying put yourself in a messed up situation in order to help the next person, but why not lend a hand when we can.

There are situations in which the only thing the next person wants or needs is a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, or just a call saying you are there if they need you. I have always tried to be that friend that is available whenever a need presents itself. I have been taken advantage of and lost a few friendships, because some people embarrass themselves by their actions and then take it upon themselves to walk away. I do not like those instances and have said, "You know what forget everybody, I am not helping people anymore," but at the end of the day, I still do, because of how I am.

Do not allow certain circumstances to take away your good will. There will always be people who are unappreciative or take advantage, but that should not change you. If because of circumstances you change and stop being how you are, then you become one of the people you do not want to be. If we show people that despite their actions we are still kind hearted, then we win. Now I am not saying you should constantly allow that one person to do wrong and you keep doing right, because then they will just look at you as a weak person. I am saying yes minimize your loss, but continue being a great person with a good heart<------ that is what is lacking in this world.

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