Rain does not last forever

Are you going through a period of thunderstorms in your life? Does it have you down? Well I am here to tell you some truths about that. The first truth is these times do not last forever. What does this mean? It means that you should stay strong and push forward. Do not let circumstances and situations define you, instead learn form them and try not to make the same mistakes repeatedly. Every bad experience can be a revelation and stepping-stone to the next great moment in your life, think of these times as a preparation.

The next truth is that these times will show you just how strong or weak you are. It will allow you to see who has your back and who is only there for the smooth ride. I have lost many "friends" during my stormy days and you know what, I am happy about that. I have no need for people that just look to be with me during the good times, because life has difficulties. I want strong individuals in my corner, that way they will keep me motivated during my bad and I will keep them motivated during their bad...once again nobody is immune to hard times. Take the happiest and most successful person in the world, I will bet you all the money I have that they go and/or have experienced rough times. Needless to say what is rough to them you might consider a piece of cake, but that is the thing about thunderstorms, it is never the same falling down on two people.

The last truth about thunderstorms is that if you wait it out you will find a beautiful rainbow at the end. The rainbow is your reward for standing strong and waiting it out. I do not know what storms you have going on and you do not know mine, but I can tell you this I have gone through a few hurricane seasons in my life, but guess what I life a BREEZY life. I have weak moments, but that is all the time I give that. I do not let them change my enthusiasm and/or shake me into being a completely different person. It took me a long time to realize my assets and the reason why I am the way I am, but the fact of the matter is I am BREEZY. There are people in the world that will never like me or understand why I am the way I am and that is ok...I am pleased with how I turned my trials into testimonies. Start looking at the beauty that your life is and be happy about you, because if you are not nobody else will be.

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