Let them Go!

There are some peopling that every time they say something or you try to talk to them about an issue, they play victim. Regardless of how you address them, they will try to knock you down for “hurting them.” I had the unfortunate occurrence happen to me the other day. There was someone on my friends list that was being negative. Towards the end of the day, I called them out about, because the situation is so old and childish. They in turn responded by asking me why I put their business out. Now mind you, I am in another country and I do not even talk to this person because to me they are petty anyways…so for me to know their business, they have to be putting it out there. The true reason this person felt offend was because I showed them the wrong that they were doing and now all of a sudden they are the victim. Now the whole day this person was bashing someone else, but it was cute then…I finally said you know what I am done.

This is what we have to do sometimes with certain people because they will always flip the script to make others look like the bad person. I can honestly say that about a year ago I was the bad person at any given moment. I saw that and did not like whom I was and made a change. I was highly offended that this person flipped the script on me, but then it came to me. I CHANGED! That does not mean everyone I know went through a growth or even acknowledged their issues. What do you do in this situation? Well I say leave them as they are. You cannot force change on anyone. People have to want to grow and do better for themselves. Once we realize that, we will become less frustrated individuals. Be the change you want to see in others and they will make it to the next phase in your life or they will not. Do not allow the fact that a person is ok being who they are stop or slow you down from becoming a better you.

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