If you are a loyal visitor of the website, I suggest you visit us on our internet radio show. The website is nightly from 10-1130. On last night's show, we discussed something that I wanted to bring to the site and that is lies (as if you cannot tell by the title). The discussion and issues brought up by my co-host, callers, and I was that men and women lie. The problem is that we never came to a real conclusion as to why people lie. Do not think that by me writing this I have never lied in my life, because I have. The difference is once I became a responsible adult I lost all interest in lying, because I feel there is no need to. I think one of the most amazing things we can do as adults is make informed decisions and stand by our choices. This also means that we have to deal with the repercussions of our decisions (good or bad). If you put this in your head then you will understand why you do not need to use a lie.

Another issue that was brought up is when people lie about the smallest things and things they know they will be caught on. What is the point of that? There are people who lie or shall I say elate what they are doing and how they are living, even though you clearly see it is not what they are portraying. Why is that? Do people really need to fit in that bad? Has it gotten to the point where individualism and walking at your own pace is frowned upon? I feel that everyone reaches their destination at a different pace and our destinations are hardly ever the same, so that means I cannot look down on you and you cannot look down on me because of which point we are in life. What needs to happen is more acceptance. I need to accept people for who they are and people need to accept themselves for who they are. There is no need to create a character or split personality.

Tell yourself this...lies travel fast and because of that, the life span of a lie is rather short. In addition, what one does in the dark shall always become known. Believe it or not, it will bite you in the behind when you least expect it. Think about these things and the fact that as long as you are making the right decisions for you and can deal with the outcome of these choices a lie is never necessary. When you get to these point you will feel accomplished, you will also take a much-needed weight off your shoulders. Do not think for a minute that a liar sleeps well because you always think of what will happen if people find out the truth. The truth may hurt, but I can reassure you that it will hurt a lot less than a lie coming out.

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