I would like to start of by apologizing for my tardiness with today's feature, but I have a great reason as to why. I am late because I had to go pay a registration fee for a new educational pursuit. I will tell you a little bit about me, I have a Theology degree; I am finishing my Associates in Business Administration, and am planning to enter a program to go into diplomacy. I see many governments talking about the importance of education and some people still do not see how important and beneficial it is. I am not just talking about attending a classroom. I am speaking about you as an individual seeking out knowledge. If you have access to the internet, which you should if you are checking out my site, than you have access to information.

Many people think you have to attend class to achieve knowledge and that is far from the truth. School is not for everyone, because it is hard to live your life (work, family, and other duties) and still attend class. Many schools that offer internet classes and you can do that, but if it is knowledge you seek it is definitely available without school. I have always loved to go to school and attend class and that is why I continue in my pursuit. We also need to start investing in our new generation. I am constantly evaluating the quality of education my son receives. I also pay for a tutor for him (not because he is slow), but my son is eight and can read, write, and speak two languages right now. I am trilingual and I would love him to go even further than me. Education is a gift you can give your child that they will not lose or have it taken away by anyone.

I do not know if this will hit home with any of my loyal readers, but if not at least share it with one person. Education and knowledge is key. We also need to stay informed about what is going on not just where we live, but around the world. I am taking a class right now called Environmental Science, there are online lectures that I have to watch, and starting tomorrow, I will be sharing some of them with you all. I want to be a part of your success, not just through motivation and encouragement...but also through informing and educating (even if just a small part). Thanks again for taking time out of your day to visit the site.

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