How do you define success?

This is not going to be a major revelation to everyone, but some people need to hear it again. When you enter the workforce or decide to open your own business unknowingly you give yourself a goal or steps in which you want to climb. Most people create financial goals and have an age that they want to retire and/or leave the workforce and soak in the sun. Well I want to point out that monetary gains are great, but they do not always define success. At this current point I am not making any money from my site or radio show, but I feel that both are very successful. Why?

First, I am successful in what I am doing because I know that I have loyal readers. You all visit the site daily and even though I do not receive comments or emails from you, I track the visits and see that they are averaging at a great number. This to me means success, this shows me that there are people out there that appreciate what I do, and this means to me that I am on the right track...which in turn tells me the site is a success. I am not worried about the financial gain because that will come with time.

Secondly and this is more because of the radio show and my marketing skills. I see everyday that through my work I am bringing people together. I watch as the connections happen and relationships are being built. I feel this is very important because sometimes it is not always about what you know, but whom you know. My co-host, Jamilla Mimi Watson and I have fun on the show and while doing so we make people laugh, but within that we also open peoples eyes and inspire them to do better.

I hope that you can look at what you are doing. Even if you are not making the amount of money you desire you may still be successful right now. There are times when we create so much good through our actions and works that we achieve success before the financial gains are reached. I hope you all understand why I am saying this and I hope that you continue to see how successful you are.

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