Actin' Brand New

This is just my reflection (feel free to sit and write your own and if you want to share it email me

Sometimes it hurts...sometimes i cry...sometimes i want to give up...but then i remind myself to stay strong. I push myself past the hurt and the pain and the tears. It still hurts though...i have to allow myself to feel because that is a part of healing...that is one of the steps in growing up and being alive. There are people that only know they are alive because they feel the pain. Others get lost in the pain and never come back. I am not lost and i am on my way back. I am going back to a path i left a long time ago. A path of ASSURANCE, a path of inspiration, a path that is mine to walk. If i stumble or fall it is ok because i have never made it this far down my journey. It is new to me, it is beautiful. The grass is green, the sky is blue, and the sun is shinning just for me. The past will always be there and i can always go back and live that, but why it brought me pain, hurt, anger, doubt, and disappointments. The only reason i miss it is because at one point in time i believed that is all i deserved, but now I know better things are headed my way. New relationships, stronger foundations, and most of all love. Not the love of another human being, but me falling in love with me more and more everyday. You cannot tell me my worth because i did an inventory and now i know i was selling myself for much less than what i deserved. Call me high class, call me pricey, but its taken me a longtime to reach this point and if you cannot afford me...than walk away baby.

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