Ha! Now take that!

Today I was a little upset. I realized that somebody reported some of the photos for the dunk contest on my Facebook and because of that, it was deleted. I did not mean to offend anyone and I have seen worse photos than the ones I posted on there. Well talking to my brother station about what happened we came up with a better plan. We are going to come up with an official prize and post the pictures here for you all to vote on your favorite.
The reason why I told you this entire story is that I could have just gotten mad and talked junk on Facebook about how haters suck. Instead I contacted my brother station owner and told him the issue and we came up with an alternative...I believe that the alternative is going to make this even better and more organized. See there will always be someone against what you have going on. This is a part of life and we must learn how to move past the obstacle they created and make that work in our favor. At one point in time all I knew how to do was let people and circumstances stop me from moving ahead, but that is a past action. Now I look at how like I can turn this into a positive outcome for me.
I know I am not perfect, but I am doing what I think is perfect for me. I know I am misunderstood by some, but to me that is not important. What is important is what I am doing to better my situation. I hope that I am able to help others through my work, but to the people that are against me I am sorry, but I will not change my goal. I refuse to; I can always change the direction in which I achieve it. For the people that what to see you fail let them know that you refuse to fail and regardless of the obstacles keep going after your goal. This is all I can say to you about what to do when obstacles come your way, because sometimes the difference between making it or not is determination.


Teela said...

Such haters, but u did it on em....hahaha, now take dat!

Anonymous said...

how da hell could u offend anyone wit fat ass?