Starting Over

Wow! Has this week been crazy. I had some difficulties...a lot more ups than downs. This all reminded me of a great lesson. Life goes on and nothing lasts forever. If you have been hit with some tears, it just means you have been smiling for too long. If you have been crying for too long, do not worry your smile is on its way. That is the best thing about life; we can always count on things changing. There are times where they change for the good and sometimes the bad; the difference in what will be is our attitude towards the problems. We can sit and complain, but what good will those do. The best thing for us to do is understand that sometimes it will rain on our parade, but we should keep dancing.

I am so motivated and inspired not because of myself or because I am stronger than the next person is. I stay motivated because I know there are people out there that appreciate and respect what I do. I thank God for putting the right and wrong people in my life. The right people will continue to stay and the wrong people will make me appreciate the others more. I know I do not always handle situations the best way, but that is because I am growing and because I am human. There is no person on Earth that is perfect. We all make mistakes so do not let your mistakes stop you from pushing forward. I know some people are not happy by my growth and that is ok, but I will not let your thoughts and opinions of me dictate who I become.

We are all individuals and more times than any, we will disappoint people. Why? Simply because we are learning, whom we are and at the end of the day, we are not going to become who someone else wants us to be, but what we want to be for ourselves. Do not follow the road that someone said you should, but follow the road you want for yourself. If that does not work you can always start again. There is nothing wrong with starting over and sometimes that is the only option we have. Do not mistake starting over with failure, because failure is when you just stop trying at all. If I sat down and crossed my arms after the first mistake I ever made, I would not be here today. They made me stronger, they made me wiser, and they taught me to continue pushing forward. The only thing you cannot come back from and start over is death, so as long as you are breathing never accept a loss. You are a winner; sometimes you just have to accept some setbacks...but do not forget another race will come. Go train and start getting ready.

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