Social Network or What!

Hello everybody, today I am taking the time out to discuss things that have been on my mind lately. This is more me getting my thoughts out instead of inspiration (I apologize to the readers that come here for daily inspiration). Well I have a couple of issues with social networks and want to share my thoughts, to see if anyone else feels the same. In my time being a member of various social networks I have seen it all, I will not sit here, and lie, I participated in some of the bullshit myself. It took a former co-worker/friend to point out the obvious to me. If I have haters, why waste my time acknowledging them and cursing them out. My social network/database of "friends" should not be a platform for that. The social network is to serve (if I am not mistaken) two simple purposes. The first purpose is for friends and family to keep in touch and have some fun with each other. The second is for professional business connections. Once I put these thoughts into my head I did a total friend enema on my list and deleted everyone that I felt did not cater to these two services.

Now that I started the blog and have the radio show, I accept and have a lot more people adding me on the various social sites. I have no problem adding my loyal readers and listeners, but one thing people need to remember is if you do not have a personal relationship with me, then not everything I say or do will make sense to you. I get men that will inbox me perverse messages and they seriously think that is ok. I try to be as nice as possible, but seriously, what is up with that? I understand people find dates, soul mates, and booty calls online, but to come right out and message somebody the nasty to me is just disrespectful and makes no sense. The other problem I have is all people that do not have a professional relationship with me posting their various business ventures on my page. Come on it should be a mutual back and forth relationship. I do not post my links on anybody's page, unless they have been a part of my show or have given me permission to do so. I see many rappers that post on peoples pages without any kind of limit and people do not appreciate that.

I think what we are missing on these sites is some common sense and a personal bullshit monitor. The only children I have on my page are family members and I see the drama and shit talking coming from the "adults." Come on man, life is too short to deal with people that you do not like. Every Friday I used to do a friend delete day and I stopped for a while, but I feel like I need to start that up again. I do not have time to be frustrated do to the lack of respect from other people and if it is a fan then you need to learn some respect and common decency.

Sorry again to the people that come here for inspiration, but I needed to get this off my chest and I think some will benefit from this post.

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