The new parenting model

I am so peeved at all these examples of crappy parents. I see it everywhere I turn. Everyday you see videos posted of "parents" smoking with their kids, encouraging their kids to fight, and many other backwards actions. I cannot even say that it is the young generation, because it is not. I see parents in their 40's and 50's doing these kinds of things. I do not know what is going on in the world today, but it is not pretty. All I can do is imagine what it will feel like 10 years from now when these kids become adults. I know that some will keep these traits and behaviors for the rest of their lives. Of course, some will realize that it does not help them to get any further, but not all do and then we society members have to deal with it. Parents need to establish a clear relationship with their children. Children need to understand that parents are to be respected and that we are their counselors...but when parents play the friend role to their children things go left.

My son for example is eight years old and he knows that we can play, he can tell me anything. The best thing about my relationship with my son though, is that I do not even have to tell them that he is doing something wrong, he can tell by the look in my face. Children will push your patience and work your nerves, because they do not know any better but we need to keep focus on the fact that we are a mirror that they look into and what is in that mirror they will reflect. I hope this has shed some light on what some of us are doing, it does not have to be a major action but a correct one.

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