Why be humble

Why do people like to show off? When I see people that always want to flaunt what they have or what they are doing, it actually turns me off from them. If they are selling a product, I do not want to buy it. I may be alone on this, but when I see someone does not throw things in your face, I feel like they deserve it more than the one that does. It is not a matter of walking around looking broke or needy, but there is a right way to exude success and wealth without rubbing it in other's faces. What people need to understand when they reach success is that the people that support them may not have as much. The same people that made you have the control to break you (that is a fact). Not to say that you did not work hard, but without that support how will you continue to hold on to your new position?

I for one know that I have yet to reach the amount of readers I would like to achieve, but I always take the time out to acknowledge those that visit the site daily. I will always do that, because I know for a simple fact that you do not have to visit and I appreciate the fact that you do. See being appreciative and showing support to others does not take anything away from you, but thinking you are above that does. I am not a hater to anybody, I may not like or have a need for what it is you do...but I respect the fact that you have made a name and/or income source for yourself. The life of an entrepreneur/artist is not easy. Nobody that starts any kind of business does not start by being paid. It is a lot of free hard work and we all hope to one day get paid for our hard work. I will let you all know something I have yet to make a profit from this site or my internet radio show, but I still get a feeling of accomplishment when I realize some enjoy and actually look forward to reading/listening to me.

Once again, to let you all know, I am not trying to tell you what to do. Just putting out there how and what I feel. I can assure you though there are many people that feel the same way. Also, do not get mad that there is someone else out there that does the same thing as you. There is a market for everyone, you just have to find your niche and stick with it. The support will come with time and know that even though you and someone else share the same destination, the road you take to get there is always different. Hope this opens some peoples eyes and if that is just one person, then I feel I did a great job. Have a great day and make it worthwhile, we never know what it will be our last.

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