Starting Over

Hello faithful readers and loyal listeners of BreezySays. Being away for a week helped me put many things into perspective. I have been reading and learning a lot for school and a test I have coming up and I have been researching different stories to write about and different show ideas. I decided that I cannot provide inspiration everyday, because sometimes I am lacking inspiration myself. The conclusion I came up with is to be more personal with you all. I am going to start talking more about what I have going on in my head that day and how I feel. I cannot put up a front, (not that I have) everything I write is from the heart, but we all have bad days.

The honest thing about me is I never let a bad day, week, month, or year slow me down. I acknowledge it for what it was and I try my best to move past and bounce back better than ever. I hope I do not lose anybody over this change in direction, but I feel it will be more beneficial to you to hear of my personal difficulties then me just telling you hey you can do it! I will in more ways then one show you that it is possible. As you can see from the posts that are up today, I will still have a daily quote, On-Air with BreezySays is still happening, but I added my 30-day diet log. Not trying to push anyone into doing it with me, but I will document my eating choices and in a month will present my results. I thought it would be a good idea to bring you all for the ride. So let us all stay motivated and continue this lifestyle together.

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