Leave it all Behind

"My life has been so easy, I am rich and I am doing what I want, when I want!" I wish this was a true statement, but I could not be any further to the truth. They are not even on the same planet. Today I want to let you know that it is ok to have a past, everyone has a story, and the people that judge you only do so because they do not want to look at their own skeletons. I am going to give it to you all real, live, and uncut right now...are you ready? I have been through hell, but guess what I made it out. With that being said, I fight with all my might to ensure that I am now living in paradise. This does not mean that I never expect to be hit with adversity, a roadblock, a hater, or any other terrible thing that will come up on my journey...what it means is that I am trying daily to make the right decisions and to live the right way.

Are you following me? I surely hope so, I am talking to somebody right now and I do not know whom, but somebody out there is going to benefit from this post. Listen there is nobody in this planet that is perfect and even someone who seems perfect from the outside has issues. What separates some is that they choose to work around their imperfections. Let me break this down even further and provide you an example: I am not the smartest person in the world (I know some of you are shocked right now, take a min. breathe and come back), but I do not sit around and watch TV all day, I get on the computer and I research. I look at news around the world; I read blogs, eBooks, and everything in between. One thing I do know is that if I want it enough I can get any information through proper use of this computer.

What we need to tell ourselves is that we need to leave all opposition behind us. You need to be your main motivator, the things that once held you back do not matter. I have so much stuff in my rearview mirror, that when I glance at it my eyes hurt...but guess what I am looking ahead and that view is amazing. This is what keeps me going, because what lies ahead of me is what is important. On my journey, I have run across many people who came from nothing and built something great. This is how I know I can do it, I told myself "if they can, then so can I" and that quote is what I always say when I fell like giving up. Nobody on this earth is better than you, some have it a little easier, but you know what your journey may be harder because what you have inside you is stronger. I am here in an attempt to motivate and inspire you to continue while doing the same thing for myself. Stay tuned, not only to me, but also to your future...even from a distance I am cheering for you!

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