What does this small word mean to you? Do you practice unity? By definition, the word means the state or quality of being one; singleness and the state or quality of being in accord; harmony. Such a small word commands a great action and commitment to be able to achieve it. I believe that in a community we are full of small demographics. These demographics are not just racial; it could be musicians, single moms, students, kids, and so on. The thing about it is some demographics do not work together. Why is that? Why do we as a people decide it is better to work against each other as opposed to a team unit?

Well there are a few answers to that question. There are some people who would rather go at life alone, some that do not see eye-to-eye, and others just do not want to end up "owing" people anything. I believe these are all valid reasons, but we should still try to support others trying to get to the same destination as us. The road is long and hard, and sometimes without a support system, some people stop traveling it. I for one have had people whom decided that they do not want to support me and my endeavors, which is fine but I support or at least try to support any and everybody that reaches out to me. I know that I have a specific audience. I have people that visit my site and check out the radio show on a daily basis, but there are some people that I will never reach. I feel that it is ok and so why not help the next person reach them.

We are all unique and different; this is why some people listen to hip-hop and others to country music. Of course, there are artists out there that try to hit every niche but that rarely ever happens. Supporting the next person will not take anything away from what you do. It will actually show that you see the bigger picture and are willing to be humble. Right now, many people have a selfish attitude, but that alone road will only get you so far. Try to understand how much of a difference a kind word can make and how far a small collaboration can take you. The old saying is "you catch more bees with honey, than you do with vinegar." Think about that and decide if your attitude is described by the word honey or vinegar.

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