Today is Ash Wednesday and I am writing to you all about purpose. Many people do not agree with the holiday or even observe it. The basic idea is that today is the first day of lent and those who observe it start a fast today. Many give up meat, but some just give up something that they really like (bread, sex, TV, etc). I am not a Catholic, but I do believe in fasting. I think that by sacrificing something for a purpose does reap benefits. I would like to have my readers try this. What we must understand though is that you have to have faith (believe in what you cannot see).

There are people out there that do things just because they want to do what is "right" but they do not believe in it, well you will not get anywhere with this thought. I am sorry and I hope you all understand, I am not preaching religion, but I am recommending that you live and act with a purpose. You are not here on earth just to take up space. You are special and you are the only you there will ever be. Make your life a direct reflection of that, show others that you know your value, your worth, and fulfill your purpose. Think of this fast as a way for you to connect more with your thoughts and then plan accordingly. I will not tell you to do it for the entire amount of days there is in lent. You have the choice to decide how many days you will set aside and remember I will never know if you do or if you do not(unless you email me on your progress I just sincerely hope you invest at least a few days for a better you.

I realized just recently, what my purpose in life is. I concluded that I am here to motivate, inspire, and help others. I started this website with that in mind. I support any and everyone trying to make a better life for them and reach their goals. I try to reach out a hand, but I know that not everyone will grab mine back and you know what I am ok with that. Recognize your gifts and then share them with the world. I am here for all my readers and I am rooting that you all take if not all my recommendations, please at least take something out of what I write. I do this for you!

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