Talking is not Walking

There are many people only talk in this world. They will tell you about will these moves they are making and things they have going on when in reality they have nothing. The sad part about it is that some are actually impressed with all this fake living and that satisfies their ego enough to keep doing it. WHY? I feel that if I am not doing certain things I do not benefit at all by telling you a story and then impressing you because of fakeness. I would rather be real with you and have you not like me, instead of pretending to be better off than I am.

I would like to take the time out to say how my journey started and where I am at today. Last year I started writing blogs here and there. I then decided that I should create my own url for my blogs and see if it caught anybody's eyes. Well I did that one the first of this year. I average at least 50 views a day. I try to make this site as personal as possible because this is a documentation of how I am really living. I appreciate the faithful readers and the fact that some do like to read my work. Well while doing this site the opportunity to start my internet radio show came up and so that was started. I know I am not averaging any extraordinary numbers, but I have built a great network.

As of two weeks ago, I have become affiliated with BigJay radio (which you hear the music from know). BigJay has a 24-hour internet radio station and I have joined forces with him to help build both brands. As you can see I still am not where I want to be, but in no shape or form am I pretending to be at a higher level that I truly am. During this process though I have also been finishing up my Associates degree in Business Administration and am happy to inform you that next week is my last final towards that degree. I am walking (maybe slow to some), but at my own pace. Do not compare your success and progress to anyone else. Create your own goals and get on your own journey. You only have to impress you, because at the end of the day you have to live with yourself. I love you all and encourage you to do less talking and more you at the top my loves!!!!

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