Moving On

Man I was reminded just how much it sucks to be angry at someone. I do not know about anyone else, but it takes more out of me to be mad at someone that it does to forget about them. I have many great people in my life, so why care about the ones that dislike me or that I have a mutual nonchalant relationship with. See I do not want a frenemy; I want genuine friends that actually would like to see my happiness and success. I do not even care to scream, "forget a hater" anymore, you can hate without me motivating you. As I sit and think about it what sense does that make....let me encourage this person to hate me<-----------wow really? No, let me not give this person any of my precious time and attention because they are not worth it.

Another thing that I am having quite a small problem with, but as I analyze it better it makes more sense to me. Think about this: what you hate in a person is truly a reflection and/or insecurity that you have about yourself, and when you see it in someone else, it reminds you o how you feel about you. Seriously? So, I do not like this chick because she has the body I want (wait a minute, that just means I am not happy with the body I have), I do not like this man because he has the talent I desire or the salary I am trying to make (pause, that just means I am not happy at my current state in life and need to work harder). Well damn, at the end of the day instead of focusing on what the next person has that is better than I am or is a little higher up on the ladder o success let me concentrate that same effort into getting my butt there.

Last, but not, least when you surround yourself with positivism it is contaminating...just like a disease but the kind that you want to have. On the flipside of that if, you surround yourself with negativity that is what you will spew out as well. Work on forming relationships with people that are assets instead of a liability in your life. I started my journey in doing this exact thing about 6 months ago and life could not be better. The people that are not meant to be in my life are gone (thank GOD), the people that hate me (I really do not know what they are up to and could care less), but the people that want to be on my team and want to see my success are right in my corner. I have a family (not just blood) that wants nothing but the best for me and I plan to continue to work hard and provide exactly that to them.

The dirt you throwing on me is being used to make a great garden and the shit you talk about me is wonderful fertilizer, so Thanks. (BreezySays official quote)

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