Never Give Up

Have you ever felt like giving up, because you have been trying so long and do not see the fruits of your labor? Well I believe we all have felt that one time or another. I was actually feeling that for some reason yesterday, I asked myself "why am I still trying, it takes time out of my day that I could be spending on other things" and then I logged into my analytics and realized that I have numerous hits all over the world and for a small up and comer I think I am doing great.

It may not be something amazing to other people, but in my own measures I think I am moving froward and that gave me the extra motivation I needed to stick with it. I have a purpose in doing this site and my show. I honestly feel that if we set out to do something (especially if it is something that requires you to grasp others attention) it will take time, investment, and patience. I have seen some people give up so easy and its not about that.

I will say this and my faithful readers know I have said it before, measure success by your own scale. There are some that may do better than you or worse, but as long as you feel that you put your all into it that is what matters. I gave myself short-term goals, long-term goals, and a timetable in which I would like to reach them. I hope you all do the same and I do not believe we ever need to change the target, if we set realistic ones. Goals and dreams differ and once people understand that it will cause more ease in them. Dreams are just that an illusion, something our minds want, and they sometimes are unmeasurable (meaning we cannot calculate how long it will take to reach them)...goals are measurable, so if you are able to look at your desires as goals it will be much easier for you to succeed.

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