I saw a picture of Jordan Sparks today and it truly reminded me that we can get up, decide to make a change, and if we stick with it, we can do it. I get to the point where I have doubts about what am I doing, or ask myself why even try. Today I was reminded of why? I told myself I would and I will not stop until I do. I want you all to stay motivated. The thing about it is that you should not let something you are trying to do slow down what you already can do. There are people who give themselves an outrageous goal and walk around unhappy because they are frustrated and they see other people achieving it. I am sorry sweetie, but everybody’s destination is not the same even if you are on the same route.

The thing about life and the journey we take is that we each have our own journey. I know there are probably one million other bloggers and internet radio hosts out there. I also know that the people who enjoy my show and site (and what my team brings) will keep on appreciating us. We are not censored, we do not plan what we are going to say, and we always speak our mind. There are definitely some people who will probably be offended by what we say or how it sounds, but that is what makes us so special. See, my journey brought me here. As much as I love to write and talk, I never thought I would be sharing my randomness with the world.

I am lucky that I have a great team and affiliations. They keep me motivated. Do you have someone that believes in you? That one thing is so hard to come by. It is very important though. See people that believe in you serve two purposes, 1. they will keep you going when you want to stop and 2. they will tell you when you need to let that dream go. We have a tendency to think we are better than we really are and we need to learn the difference between hating and constructive criticism. I hope that you stay motivated, but humble enough to know when to listen.

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