Quit complaining and Take Action

It is so funny to me that people will actually make a complaint about a situation before trying to do things to fix the problem. What is the sense in that? I never been that type, I may talk over my frustrations with a friend, but before I actually address the situation, I look for possible solutions. Do people feel like it is easier to complain first and then see where that takes them? I feel like that is taking the easy way out. Nothing worth having is going to be easy. This takes me back to saying what you want in life, more than likely one million other people want the same thing. You want a house, car, family, money, great career, be famous etc...well I know at least twenty others that want the exact same thing.

The difference between a person that makes it and one that is frustrated is that little word ACTION. The time that it takes you to complain, throw a hissy fit, and cry that other person has actually gotten up, shook the dirt off, and started making moves. Why not be that person? Why not take action? Do you want a great job, but right now only McDonalds is hiring, well baby take that check until the corporate world calls you. Why sit at home, wait, and be extra broke? You still have bills, you still have wants, and they will definitely keep piling up. There is no shame in taking a job that pays less while waiting for the others to call.

I believe we should know our worth and we should strive for the best, but we also need to be humble and learn patience. What is meant for you and what is best for you may not be ready for you at this time. On another note, you may not be ready for it. We all and when I say we, I am including myself, we all need to learn that the chase may be longer for some and not others because we have lessons to be learned along the way. I feel like I have learned that to live a happy life I need to have a great plan for my future and work towards achieving it, but I have to live for today. A long life is not promised to anyone, a happy live is not promised to anyone...but while you are here you should attempt to make every day count. I know I try to everyday and as the days go by, I am a much happier person.

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