Moment for life (more of a poem than a blog) please comment

If I get this moment for life than you can say that im living for the moment. And that sounds good right about now b/c the days go by so fast i cant even enjoy it. I know tomorrow isnt promised but fuck it im still workin on it. I live n i think, think n create, create n implement...doesnt that sound like the formula to win? Maybe not to you, but definitely to me, i dont see problems all i see possibility. I may sound funny and it may sound far-fetched but i have to think, act, and practice to be the best. The best isnt something you just jump into, theres a lot of people out here trying to show n prove.

Ha! Prove, what and to who? Prove that your better than the person sitting next to you. Claiming you live in the same building but got a different view. Who cares what you see outside if you are happy with the existence you have inside. No need to search for something you already have within. Now do you see what I mean, my swag is so fresh and my words are so mean. Im thr nicest he's seen, but im bad to these fiends. Serving up a dose of my medicine, call me medicine woman.

Hope you understand what my metaphors try to convey. See in life we got to make our own way, pick up our own weight, and speak the words we really want to say. You can have this moment for life because as long as your alive you are living for this moment.

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