Am I getting Old

It seems that people nowadays are getting on my nerves more than ever. I do not understand the random complaints and bullshit they allow themselves to get in. I find myself being irritated by stuff that I used to do my damn self. I sit and think "man I must be getting old," and then I wonder why aren't the people I associate with doing the same thing. I mean they aren't getting any younger. I am a firm believer in living through the stages of our lives. When I was a child you could not keep me away from the pool, playing ball, going to the movies, ice skating, and so on...When I became a teenager I was ready for school dances, concerts, and the other things normal teenagers do...As a young adult I hit the club scene heavy, but obody could tell me to stop because my response was "this is the time in my live to club" and now that I am past that phase all I want to do is get established in my career.

I have always been responsible(even though I had some low moments), and contrary to outsiders looking in I always had a life goal. I will not discuss them in length, but I have a career goal, which God-willing will allow me to achieve a humanitarian goal I want to ultimately reach. Why do people not move through the phases of life? Why do some adults go through mid-life crisis and retroact to an age of adolesence. Maybe this is my mind telling me that I will be one of those annoying adults that looks at other adults like "wtf is your problem." I am glad that with this newfound sense of adulthood also comes the "I really do not care what you think." It seems that we all have to go through life doing what makes us feel better. I will not say anything to the people that annoy me, I will just slowly stop dealing with them. I can not make anyone do something they do not want to or grow-up quicker than they want to. I guess I say this to say "live your life, but at least try to go through the phases at the right time."

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