Seriously what is private anymore? Do people feel like they need to broadcast their entire life on the internet? Do they really think that people need to know the ins and outs of their lives? Let me tell you a little secret, most people like to hear you going through drama and most hate to see the next person doing good. Now this does not mean you should not share anything, because that will kill the social experience, but why do people have family feuds online or air out all the dirty laundry. Honestly that looks bad on your household and most people look at that post and think "what the fuck!"

I have read everything from announcements of STD's to I cannot believe my son did that and I will beat him when he gets home. Really!!!! Come on people, some things should be left withing the quarters of your actual home. It seems that because people reach thousands at a time, they feel some celebrity status and so want to keep up the comments or "love" online. "Girl look at all these online friends I have, look at how many people care about me," that to me is what I believe they say to their friends. I know for a fact that is not true, you are not famous and more than likely will not become famous because of your willingness to put yourself on blast.

We should aim to do better and live our lives in the real world. I tell people all the time, do not take all my updates as fact because my online presence many times are jokes. I do have serious moments and people that know me in real-life know the difference. I am far from politically correct and I do not care if I make people uncmfortable. I speak my mind and some get mad, but what can I say? I do not do it for show or fame. I really do everything I do (even though at times it gets mistaken), but I do it for a good. I just wish people were more mature about their online experience. Decrease the drama and need for attention, increase the fun and laughter. Life is too short to be someone you truly are not. Living a double-life is not easy and you should not take on a different persona because all of a sudden you feel a little power or fame behind the computer screen.

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