What is we gon do?

As I fixed my coffee I went to grab the container that keeps sugar and it let it slip from my hands. The container broke and all the sugar spilled onto my floor. Now I could sit there and curse every name in the book and stay mad for a few minutes, but we I did was remind myself that I already knew the container was messed up. So I sucked it up, take the loss, and cleaned up the mess. See the problem with a lot of people is this same one I described in this story. Did you get it? Well, if not, let me explain...I knew I had a container that was not sturdy and could be counted on, but instead of switching it to another one I just kept using it until I had to change it.

I believe that we all need to start being more proactive (once again I said we, because I am including myself). When we see a problem we need to address it and rectify it immediately. The problem is we hardly ever do this. Most of the times we wait until it is too late to make that move. We sometimes push and deal with situations until it breaks us. Why do we do this? I think that we have an issue with getting comfortable. Once we get comfortable with a problem, regardless if it is not the best deal for us we just act like it does not matter. We become accustomed to dealing with that and just go through the motions. I for one am going to try harder in making the correct choices.

I am tired of having to clean up mess. I prefer to deal with the uncomfortable head-on and then hopefully get into a better situation later. I know this is not easy (remember I said the word uncomfortable), but I honestly believe and hope that it will be worth it in the end. Let's all make better choices and lead a better life.

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