WTF Are you doing?

Sorry all, but today I am still not pleased with the stuff I see people do. I do not understand how a person can do some real backwards stuff and not expect to be called out on it. There are people that curse others out for the same thing they do; wtf is that! Why you cannot look at yourself and acknowledge your own dirt is beyond me. I am sorry, but I will be the first person to admit it, I have issues, I am not perfect <----yes hard to believe huh? Anyways I do not have all the answers, I am not a genius, and I do not make all the correct choices. All the things I have stated do not even scratch the surface of all my negative attributes, but I try my best. Yes, there are days that I just want to say forget it all and just throw in the towel. Who does not? Would I be wrong to start calling people out on their bullshit? YES!!!!!

The reason why I would be wrong is that a person that is so busy calling out other's on their issues is simply avoiding looking at their own. I have, as you can tell from my own personal list, too much crap to clean out of my closet. It does not sit well with me that some people are so blinded to their own mess and can so clearly point out others, but then again everyone's maturity level is not the same. I do not think we ever reach perfection; we will always have flaws, but just because we will not reach, it does not mean it is stupid to try. I read books, I read blogs, I watch the news, and I follow inspirational people on twitter....why? Simply because I am trying to feed my positive side. I am simply trying to convey to myself that they are not stupid, they are just ignorant to the notation that they can do better.

Never will I attempt to make the next person live up to my standards. Never will I force myself to live up to the next person's standards. Guess what, that is life!!!You are responsible for yourself and yourself only, if you make it to the next level that is wonderful and I will definitely be proud of you. If you never do that is ok as well, you are not required to go any further than you allow yourself to go. I am on a journey to do better and I am trying my best to get there as quickly as possible, not because I am rushing, but I feel like I lost so much time drowned in my own WTF. I have all the tools necessary to get to the top, question is will I use them correctly and keep climbing? I hope so and if not I can only blame myself.

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