I got the Power

Today's magic word is POWER...simple right? I am sure everyone that reads this word knows its meaning, but do we act accordingly? As a child, we do not yet possess the power of ourselves, but as we are molded and grow into adults a shift in the control is supposed to happen. Do not get me wrong of course, there are situations and circumstances that may strip us of our power, but in a way, we are still very much in control. Now let us say you commit a crime and go to jail (some will render you powerless)...I beg to differ. Why? Well you had to commit a crime (during which you took your life and others into your hands and was very powerful at that moment) now you need to understand that your actions have gotten you into this problem. I have been to jail and at times, we do feel very powerless, but even in jail there are things we can control. See no one person can take your power (of yourself) away completely. I am here to tell you this and motivate you to understand, acknowledge, and use this for a good.

I always speak from experience and this post is no different. I have been in a position that I gave up my power and control. I understand that I GAVE it up now, but at the time, I felt as though it was taken away from me. We sometimes love people so much that we allow them to dictate our every move under the facade that it is love and we are IN love; therefore, this must be one the love commotion list. WRONG! Let me say this real quick before I happens to men and women<------contrary to popular belief. See if a person has to manipulate you and train you into being a perfect mate then my question is what did they fall in love with in the first place? YES, I understand that while we are in a relationship and want to be with that person until “death do us part” we have to make certain changes from living the single life to now being one with someone else; this is not the problem. The problem for me arises when everything about you is wrong according to someone that LOVES you. The word love can manipulate humans into doing things the never would have imagined.

I will break it down a little further. Love can be for a child, mate, religion, and anything else or anyone else that you feel that strongly about. There are people that have killed for love, died for love, and much other craziness all in the name of love. If you do not know or have heard any extreme love stories, I do not know where you have been. I am not against love, but I will leave you with this very important thought...If someone or something you love truly feels the same way they will never render you powerless. Understand, acknowledge, and put your power to good use. I shared this today because I am truly now understanding what a powerful person I am and will begin to make a shift towards making that power useful not only in my life, but as an asset in the lives of others.

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