Seriously I do not even post this late, I usually post in the morning but I am feeling some kind of way so I have to write. I do not know what is going on, but I am slowly changing as you can see from what I wrote yesterday. Yes some of the changes are very positive, I cannot help but wonder if all of them are. I really feel like Tamia's song "stranger in my house" this new girl is weird to me. I have not concluded if she is better, meaner, nicer, or what but all I can say is it maybe a more mature me. <---- hard to believe huh? Well I am the type that loves to not care about what others do, but lately I find myself at the receiving end of "why are you doing this" really? What age do I have to be for people to realize I am not a child? When will people learn that I never affirm things I am not certain about?

I pride myself in the research that I do. I use the internet, I read books, I converse (no not the shoes lol), but I try my best to be as accurate as possible...yet people always question my intentions. I think that if you doubt a person's abilities so much, stop dealing with that person. I hate being frustrated and having to justify what I say, do, or think but am finding myself in these awkward situations. I have never been the type of person to argue, though I will debate. The reason is when it pertains to something I have done, somewhere I have been, or an experience I had, I feel that if you have not traveled those roads why question me? Do you think I am so petty as to pass off fiction as non-fictions?

I go on this rant because this blog is my release. I do this because I feel I have to let out my frustrations somehow. I do not know if it is solely my poor choice in associates or what not...I really think it is more of a human defect and no matter what changes I make to my circle these issues will always arise. I trully hope that in the midst of this internal conflict and outer turmoil I can find peace once again, but for right now I feel like shutting out everyone and everything, finding a nice bubble and moving in there. Call me bubble girl lol...Well thank you for reading and this post is dedicated to anyone that has ever gone through similar situations. I think it just may be the transition from girl to officially a woman that is making me question things, but you are in for my discovery phase loves. Welcome to the evolution of Ms. Breezy

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