The time is Now

Hello faithful readers, before I start today's post I would like to apologize for Friday. Blogger was under maintainence and by time it was back up I was running a few errands and did not make it back home until late. Believe it or not, many things have happened until my last post and my thoughts have definitely shifted on certain topics. I was recently the target of racial slurs and to me this is so weird. Do not get me wrong I am will aware that racism is still out there and is still a major issue...the thing that was weird to me is that I never experienced it for myself. I will not go into detail, but I want to take the time out to let my readers know that I do not have any bias and do not tolerate any kind of separation. I am and will always love everyone the same. If any of my readers are friends of mine on facebook than you know I joke and sometimes my jokes are harsh, but my intent is never to hurt people and if I have I apologize. One thing about Ms.Breezy I have never known how to be fake with people, if I feel like saying something I say it and we will go from there.

I want to share a little insight on my person. Growing up I was never a girly girl or really cared about my outer appearance. This did go well into my adulthood. Of course when I went out I did my hair and put on some make-up and jewelry, but this was not a day-to-day thing. My mom thinks its weird, but I just feel like whatever "this is me." Well I recently and by recent I mean within the last week have started to care. I went to the salon and got my hair done, nails/toes, waxing (a total transformation) and the people were like "So where are you partying at tonight?" and the funny thing is I had no intention, nor did I go out. I actually said "I am doing this for me," wow!! I feel like if I do not take great care of me and show others that I value myself why should I expect them to show me value. Do not get me wrong I am not saying become consumed with it, but what I am saying is there is a beautiful thing in loving and showing love to yourself.

There is another thing that I recently have been motivated to do...are you ready for this? Well I started to go for 1-hour walks everyday and the thing that is amazing to me is that I used to create every excuse in the book not to and now I find every reason to do it. This afternoon I am starting the P90X excercise program and will try to continue my walks in the late afternoon (do not know how the program will have me though). I will also be adding a moment of prayer/meditation to my day. Do you see what I am doing? If you are a faithful reader than you know I have already started to eat better and now I am taking everything up a notch. I feel like the there is no time better than now. I am in love with the person I am working on becoming. I do not have intentions on being skinny (never thought I would be in my life), my intentions are to be the best me I can be. I ask you to join me in this journey, whatever parts of your life you need to work on do it, you are your biggest asset.

Much LOVE and motivation to you all.

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