I have to say that there are many people that message me saying "hey play my song" or "like my page" and I sit thinking to myself is this person a fan of my show? Do they visit my site daily? Have they clicked "like" on any of my pages? I say that they do not...what sense does it make me to support them when they do not support me back. People that support me know that I always support them back. I have no problem promoting their work and/or music. It is not that big of a deal to me to show appreciation to the people that show it as well.

I am not saying I have made it to a point where a person should have to kiss my ass to work with me, but I also refuse to be used by people. There are people that will post stuff on my wall or call my show just to promo their I do not do that and I actually think it is rude and bad business to do that. Did people forget the saying "scratch my back and I will scratch yours" or do people really think it is ok. I just want to tell people that a little support can take you a long way. I honestly feel that you can get very far through networking, but networking is not a one-way street meaning people will do more for you when they see you are also doing for them.

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