To-dont list

So yesterday as I was talking to my friend I realized something else about my habits I need to work on changing. I have the habit of dating guys who are emotionally, mentally, or otherwise unavailable. I also date men who are completely opposite from me thinking "well they say opposites attract!" I came up with all these things to-do to better myself and it occures to me that I also need to follow the goals coach advice and create a to-dont list. Funny huh?

Even though most of us do not think of this list it is much needed. What should we grind in our minds to keep away from? For some people it may be a nasty habit like smoking, cursing, lying....etc. We may even havr more than one and as I think about it I have a lot more than one. See the thing about habits is that we do them without even paying it any attention, its with us just as everything else is. It takes a lot of effort to be a better version of ourselves and that is one of the reason why we should not even have time to focus on what is wrong with anyone else.

I know for a longtime I dated (and I say date because I will put forth a.great effort not to set myself up for failure again) these types of guys as a protection mechanism. I would tell myself they are so wrong for me that I will not come to care for them and be ok. Well I am a very caring person and I always want the people around me to do good and succeed. I would find myself trying any and everything to make these relationships that were predestined to fail work...major waste of time. I will create my to-dont list today and work on it through the weekend. I will as of next week be working on completing two list, a to-do and a to-dont. You should join me on this journey to discovery and upgrading ourself.


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