So What!

I am feeling so refreshed today, why you ask. Well I have a friend that I always have heart-to-hearts with. She does not judge me, but she also does not sugarcoat anything. I love talking to her because she has a great understanding of people and through the years of knowing me, she developed a great understanding of me. Well I was talking to her about one of my exes and the issue I was having with him. She explained that I have the issues because of things and actions I let this person get away with in the past. She reminded me of my progress mentally and that is when I realized...I am not the person I used to be, but he still is. I cannot be mad because he did not evolve, he may be the person he will always be and that is not a problem. See sometimes we think that because the years go by and we think that changes need to happen it does not always occur.

I see that some people are always the same and why should I think they are wrong. What it really is, is that the person is content and some even happy with where they are in life and who they are. I cannot fault anyone for not being the person I want him or her to be, because more than likely the person I became is not who they expected. We as individuals need to understand ourselves and why we act a certain way, because it saves us from bullshit situations. The main thing we need to know about other people is that they are also free to become or remain who they are. I actually at first blocked this individual from contacting me, but I made the decision that I need to be the one that knows how to handle the unwanted contact. I am friends with many of my exes and maybe some day this person and I can look past the drama that was our relationship and be on speaking terms, but at this point in my life, I am cutting everything that has a spoiled root and this relationship definitely did.

I hope you understand what it means to have a spoiled root, but just to be on the safe side I will explain. If you have a relationship (and what I mean is friendship wise or romantic, even business) and it is spoiled at its root you will produce bad fruit. If it starts out in a negative and/or bad manner, you should expect the duration and end result to be negative. We should be more proactive in choosing the people we allow in our lives. Not everybody is bad, but they may not be good for you. The day we start to understand this concept and apply this into our day-to-day dealings with people, I believe it should minimize many small issues that have potential to be bombs in our lives. Nobody should walk around with a ticking time bomb, because eventually it will blow up. Be meticulous and choose wisely because your well-being depends on it.

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