Keep Going

Man I tell you, sometimes it seems like the whole world is collapsing on top of our heads. I feel like these last couple of days this is what has been happening. Things that I held on to at one point where finally exposed to me as nonsense. It is not even a relationship thing, but more of a career and/or life I was looking forward to starting. Basically the goals I had are either going to never happen or are going to be pushed back by an amount of time that I do not want to deal with. I sort of shut down when I got the final news yesterday and did not feel like being bothered with anything. Then I thought about it do we really grow through what we go through? I sure as hell hope so! I am holding on to that promise and reminding myself that I do not believe in things happening just because. I think everything happens for a reason and for that I will keep going on with my plans.

I feel like if I shut down, I will never reach my final destination. It is better to be late instead of never arriving. I guess I shared all this extra personal stuff with you all because people need to see, I am not living a simple and care free life. I have problems and issues just like everyone else, but what do I do....I am forever the optimist. There is always a rainbow after the storm, but we have to make it until the storm ends. Hold onto whatever positive thought you have and make that out weigh all the bad around you. There will always be problems, we will all feel pain, but you will get passed it if you just wait long enough. Hope this moment of vulnerability helps you will see that being positive and motivated does not mean life will be perfect, but it means we will look past the imperfections and try to continue making it the best.

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