I told you guys this site is about is real is I can be with you all, so here is another tale out of my life...some of you may laugh, be mad, but all will learn something about either yourself or a friend. Well I have a friend that no matter what you are going through, she is either going through the same thing or is in a worse position than you are. Every time I talk to her I already know she is miserable and unhappy and is going to find a way to turn my misery about her. WTF!!!! At first this used to piss me off, I used to think "damn can I have a moment, can I share my problems and have a shoulder to cry on without this girl talking and making my feel like my problems are less of an issue!" hell no! This is who she is, she is that pessimist, sad, life sucks, and she will suck the life out of yours of you let her type person. I have even gone as far as avoiding her for a couple of months.

Then one day I sat back and looked at her life, not only look with my eyes, but also actually went deeper as to analyze her actions. She brings a lot of the misery on herself because of insecurities and dire want to be needed and loved. The problem is she does not love herself enough and looks for compassion and love in other people, mainly men. This is so wrong I tell any woman and I will tell any man this one bit of advice that took me a longtime to put into action my damn self----> Love yourself to the utmost, before expecting anyone else to love you! This does not mean be conceited or any of the obnoxious forms of self-love. This means understand that you are worthy of love and respect, understand that people out in the world that will try to bring you down to elevate themselves. Deep down inside these people really do have self-esteem issues and that is the only way the can feel good about themselves. You should not be a doormat to anyone.

Once I realized this about my friend, I knew now that her issues are and will be worse than mine will. As long as she has this mentality, I cannot help her. See we have to learn on our own what we think and feel about ourselves. I am sure you have met a beautiful person who thinks they are ugly and unwanted and we think what is wrong with this fool...well they have a negative self image and no matter what anyone tells them it will not stick. Please learn your self worth and stop allowing other people to minimize your person. Everyone in this world has a gift and beauty about them, but not everyone will take advantage and use it for good. Do not allow what the next person is doing have a negative influence on what you can do and learn to separate yourself from people that do not elevate you. Those people need to seek help themselves. So, that you are not curious I learned how to deal with my friend, while she complains about her issues I keep talking about mine and only after I am done do I acknowledge hers...hey I got something to say to damn it LOL, anyways I hope this helps all of you in some way.
Ms. Breezy

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