All the loyal readers know my posts recently have been about going through hardships and not giving up. Today I will talk about some things that I learned yesterday and I aim to learning at least one new thing everyday, if not more. Anyways I bought Tyrese Gibson's book "How to get out of your own way" and I started reading it a few weeks back. I will be honest and say I was not impressed and thought it was a waste of money. I actually put the book away and read two other books. I had a thought though and said what if that is my own subconscious keeping me away from something I may need to know to help me along my personal growth journey. Being that I am stubborn (sometimes a good trait), I said I am going to pick this book back up and continue. I started the second chapter yesterday and it amazed me. That chapter explained exactly why I have been feeling uneasy and somewhat frustrated lately. I will not go into much detail, because I feel everyone has that chance to purchase the book and should so that you can benefit from it (what speaks to me may be different from what speaks to you, all books are subject to one's interpretation), but I will continue and see what else my eyes open to.

Another interesting thing that happened was on my twitter. I replied to one of the people (MARI INSIGHT from INSIGHT PROMOTIONS) and she replied to me, which brought about a show idea and prompted me to talk to her on the phone. The conversation was honestly one the best I have had in a long time. We discussed many things that are frustrating about running a successful business and not letting others knock you down. See, there are many people who will "fake the funk", they will pretend to be cool with you and support what you do, but they actually would love to see you fail and sometimes work for that to happen without your knowledge. She told me about a few experiences that would cause most people to walk away from what they are doing. She did not stop though and five years later, her company is very strong, growing, and she is nominated for various awards in her industry.

I say all this to you people to show you that we should not be afraid of the unknown. We should watch out for the people trying to hold us back, and in my case, I was holding myself back from not wanting to read that book. We have situations happen to and around us that can cause us to shift our focus from what we want to achieve. There are forces that can pull and drag us down, but we should always keep our eyes on the prize. Everybody that ever tried to do something new and different runs into obstacles...why? Well people are very afraid of power, some do not want to give it up, some cannot handle having it, and some never know or acknowledge the power they do have. Now all I want you to understand from this post is do not be afraid. If you set your heart to something and work hard for it, nobody can hold you back. The major thing though is you MUST WORK HARD!

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I love it.. So didn't say nothing but the truth Brezzy.. That's why I like u..