I got to go!

This post is going to be very short, simple, and to th point. I have been receiving this message for the last week. I have read it in the book I am reading and I have read it in my daily Bible readings, so in my humble opinion it means I need to do it. The straw that broke the camel's back was this morning, I went on my facebook account to my "Gods Message" application and it said the exact same thing. I figured I would share, because I highly doubt I am the only one in this world that needs to do this. Anyway the message for the day is that we need to evaluate things and cut the extra. This is for family, friends, and whatever else we allow in our lives that is not needed. It does not mean cut everyone totally off, but we need to be in control of how much time and energy we allow these people and things to take from us.

Simple enough right? Well it is an easy thing to say, but much harder to do. Take the opportunity over the weekend and truly evaluate what and who is in your life. Decide who is a need, want, and who is just taking up room. We sometimes have so many more wants and room fillers that the things/people whom are needed cannot come in. Do not allow this to be the case in your life. I am going to definitely do a little more analyzing and evaluating in my own inner/outer circle. Quality over quantity will always be the best in any circumstance. Hope you will feel this message and actually put it into practice. Have a great weekend and check me out again on Monday babes.


Teresa D. Patterson said...

This is so true. I call it "Editing My Life." Sometimes we hang on to the wrong people. By doing this, we only hurt ourselves. We also cut ourselves off from personal growth and happiness. Sometimes, we have to let people go in order to heal, move forward, and perhaps to even attract the right people that we need in our lives.

Wonderful post!

Breezy Says said...

Thank you very much for taking the time out to read this. The comment definitely is appreciated.