Clear the Air

As I sit and reminisce about my past, there are things that stick out in my mind heavy. One of those things is the lost and failed connections due to past actions. Let me be a little clearer and paint the picture. I (just like everyone else on this earth) have gone through different phases in my life. These phases were either due to what someone else may have done to me or self-inflicting. I try my hardest to adapt to certain situations, but just recently, I learned that some situations are not meant for me to adapt, but rather RUN away. Anyway, during these various phases I meant some good people, weird people, nasty people, funny people...etc! I have made some everlasting connections, but I have also rubbed some people off the wrong way.

Now personally I operate under one main rule about people "show respect and I will as well." This does not mean I will be your friend or even like you, but I will respect you. Now if we have had issues in the past, I will still give you another chance because I know for a fact some people have caught me on the wrong day, month, or I like to tell myself people evolve<------see that word? I did not and will not say change, see change happens to fast and I am very cautious with ever changing people (I do not play with chameleons), but people can grow and therefore evolve and I am all about acknowledging that growth and moving past old bullshit.

Why do some people have a problem with that? Why do some people give so much emphasis on the past? Why do some only hold on to relationships from their past? There are people that have known me since I was six years old, who I just recently analyzed and realized we do not have anything in common and they are not motivating me to do better, because they are content with the mediocrity that they are living. Did I cut them off completely? NO! Do I sit here and pretend that we are the best of friends? NO! I treat each person accordingly to the NOW! Right now if you are an asset to my life, than great, I want to be an asset to yours and we should work together in building each other up. On the other side, are you going through so much nonsense that it is flowing into my life, and then I need to back away from you. Do not allow what has happened in the past to keep you away from either linking up with someone or breaking away.

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