When you see that word today, what does it make you think? What reaction does it bring out of you? I see people everywhere waking up and complaing about today! Why? Everytime a new day comes I see it as another opportunity for me to accomplish something. I see it as a chance to do better than yesterday and get a head start on tomorrow. I never believed in that affirmations crap<----- crap!!! But now I do! Yes! I am one of those people that gets up every day and tells myself "lets go get them" why??? Well I realize that I need to be my own cheerleader and everyday I have my very own pep rally. It lifts my spirits and it makes me feel unstoppable.

I will share another morning habit and that is to have breakfast with God. Now if you are reading this post and have no God in your life (I apologize if I offend you), but this is me giving you a peace of my world and sharing with you what makes me do better. Anyways, I fix my breakfast and I open up my daily scripture and read. Once I am done reading I say a prayer and then I will start my day. I am not saying that I am holy and living a perfect life, what I am saying is that I have a personal relationship with God and every morning we have a meeting together, many times what the scriptures do is open my eyes a little more to what negativity is out there in my dealings with people.

Once this is done the last thing one my morning to-do list is make my bed and straighten up my living area. This is so funny to me because I definitely used to be one of those people who thought "why make me bed, all I am going to do is mess it up later" and my mother would flip on me. I was so bad at it that mommy eventually gave up and started making my bed for me. Anyways I realized (do you see how many things I have been realizing, this is real life people) that when I make my bed it shows me that I am ready to get the day started. Yesterday is officially a memory and I have things on my list to do at this moment. Now I am ready for today!

If you have followed this post you will see that I have 3 major things that I do to prepare me for the world. I wake-up and cheer myself on, I have time with God, and I make my bed...these things are very simple and anyone can do it. I am not going to see it will change your life, but I will see it helps me stay on the positive tip and not worry about what is to come or what has happened. One thing about life is we can never go back and change what was done and another thing about life is we do not know what is in store for tomorrow. We can make the best plans in the world, but life comes at us fast and everything that we know as truth can change in the blink of an eye. Give yourself the best chance at happiness and that is by living all your days. This is my Today message for you!

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