Forget the Title

Today I talk about titles...Are you stuck on the title you hold as opposed to if you really living up to the title? There are so many people online and in real-life that think the most important thing on their to-do list is to hold and brag about a title, but they are not living in that title. For instance I have never seen so many rappers, models, and ceo's in my life until now. Half of these so-called rappers are not even known outside of their neighborhood and that is only because they make a lot of noise and the neighbors would like them to shut up. These same "artists" go around bragging that they are rappers and expect people to kiss their behinds when nobody even heard of them....really! Then you have the model, which is basically some chick with a damn camera phone taking half-naked pictures of themselves and thirsty mean drooling over them telling them how pretty they are. Baby men been using that line ever since my grandmama, grandmama, great-granmama daddy them days. Come on now, if you not booking shows, walking the catwalk, hooked up with an agency, and getting paid for these pictures you are not a model. If you have never had a professional photoshoot, do not know the first thing about lighting, and/or posing you need to stop using that title. Now the everybody wants to be a boss, but do not even know the basics of business. I can go on and on about what these fools do and how they fake, but the saddest part is that they have bigger fools following them and referring to them as such. The blind leading the freaking blind and stupid.

Now the top 3 I discussed is what I see online. What about in your day-to-day life? I see a lot of people who call themselves wifey<----what the hell is that? You living with a dude, he probably got 3 or 4 chicks on the side, but because you cook, clean, give him free sex you have become wifey? Girl please wake-up and realize to that man you running around calling yourself that gives him just enough room to play his role and know he got booboo the fool waiting for his ass. There are some men who will take it a step further and put a ring on it and legalize the lie, but at the end of the day you already let him know what he can and cannot get away with. Trust me when I say if he was doing it before, then more likely he is still up to his old tricks, because it is what you allowed. I am sorry if some do not agree and I am definitely not saying that I never played these characters, but now I feel we all need to grow and cut the extra. Live a real life, stop pretending that the fairytale life still you front on is real. Lies are terrible, but the worst lie we can tell is one that we tell ourselves and actually believe. Take a look at what you have and where you want to go, now work on it. We all have to crawl before we walk, some people claim they already running and all they doing is crawling backwards. Hope I opened some eyes with this one and if not I am sorry, but it needed to be said. Forget what the title is and work on actually being that.

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