What IF?????

These two words are often linked together by us...What if I would have went there, what if I would have done this or not have done that??? Why waste our time thinking about the what ifs? Why invest precious time concentrating on things that did not happen or regretting the things that did? Nobody can edit his or her history, life does not grant us a redo or erase button...we do not even get a fast forward or slow motion. Life is always on play. We have to be ready and prepared, but if we make a mistake or miss something, it makes no sense to dwell on it. I have caught myself recently thinking a lot about my what ifs. What if I had not dated that person, what if I had not moved to that city, worked at that place, or visited that club every weekend???? I told myself that sitting and thinking about my what ifs is not going to benefit me in any kind of way, because I cannot change what has already been written. So what is there left for me to do?

Well I started to just go back, learn from what I have done, and see what I did right. See we all make mistakes, but we all also make good choices. The thing about it is we can analyze and if we do that correctly, we can pinpoint the exact moment where things went out of control. If we know where and why we made certain mistakes we can make a mental note and if that circumstance ever comes up again we know what actions to avoid. There is no embarrassment in making a mistake, the problem occurs when we constantly repeat the same mistake. I have made a lot of mistakes and probably am not done making them, but you know what, my mistakes do not make me. I fall (boy do I fall), but I do not stay down. I hope instead of wasting the present thinking about your what ifs use that time to learn from your actions. We need to be aware of ourselves, sometimes we are repeating cycles because we did not learn from the first fall. I will do my best to learn and grown, I hope you do the same.
Ms. Breezy

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