Today is the end of the week and as always I have homework, assignment for my readers...This post comes directly from a conversation I had with a friend yesterday. Well I posted some pictures right after a workout. I looked a mess, I was sweaty, and my hair was a disaster. She tells me "girl you are so brave" and I did not understand why she said that, so being curious I asked her why she felt that way. She proceeded to explain that I post ugly and crazy photos without any problems. WOW!! I did not take offense because it is a fact, what surprised me was that to me it is not even a second thought. As a young girl, I was the shy, low self-esteem, self-judging person. I grew up a thick girl, not fat, but thick...but thick was not accepted as it is now. I hated my shape and just hid behind loose shirts and jeans (love it to this day)....Anyways low and behold one day I ended up going to jail (we will talk about that some other time) and while in jail I met a woman and this woman completely changed my thought process regarding how I viewed myself.

Let me paint you the picture; imagine you are 22 in jail and self-conscious...not good. Therefore, as I sat and talked to this woman she proceeded to tell me she had a one-year sentence due to drugs and prostitution. The drugs part did not amaze me because I have might addicts in all shapes, sizes, age, and background...but prostitution. Well this woman is over 6 feet tall and maybe 300+ pounds and it was amazing to me the confidence she had in talking about herself and what she did to make money. I told her how surprised I was and she told me something that stuck with me and made me wake up. She said, "If you do not think you are worth something, other people will pick up on it and treat you as such" <----- simple right! Well from that day forward, I told myself I do not care what another individual says or think about me, because at the end of the day it is what I think about myself and know to be a fact. Beauty is when we love ourselves and live that way. Do not get me wrong, I work out daily and eat right for my health, but as far as my outer appearance I know my value, so what one says will not get passed my ears. Weekend assignment is to acknowledge our flaws, but accept them as a unique quality that makes you!
Ms. Breezy

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